Where am I allowed to camp or bivouac on Park grounds?

As a general rule

It is important to distinguish between bivouacking (setting up a light camp for one night, from one hour before dusk to one hour after dawn) and wild camping (setting up camp for several days in the same place).

Bivouacking and sleeping in the open are tolerated, except on private properties or with the agreement of the owner. There is no limit to the number of people or the number of tents per bivouacking site. However, bivouacking must be done in accordance with best practices in the natural environment. It is nonetheless recommended that you contact the municipal authorities to find out if there are any decrees at their level prohibiting this type of camping.

Many accommodation options (shelters, unguarded huts), free or paid, are available on the mountain range. Some helpful links are listed below:

Club Vosgien refuges

Friends of Nature refuges

Refuges of the French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs


Vosges Mountain Range


In protected natural areas

Within the Park’s protected natural areas, camping in tents, vehicles or any other shelter (including forest shelters) is prohibited.

Accommodation structures can be found at the perimeter of certain natural reserves.

The regulations concerning the Park’s protected natural areas can be viewed HERE.