Am I allowed to hike with my pet?

As a general rule

These regulations are subject to the rules of the Rural Code and Forest Code.

In general, it is prohibited to leave pets to roam, such that dogs must remain within earshot of their owner or of any sound instrument making it possible to call them back and “within sight”, i.e. less than 100 metres from their owner or the person responsible for them.

Furthermore, it is prohibited to walk dogs off-leash in forest areas off the forest paths from 15 April to 30 June each year (period during which wildlife reproduces). Dogs running loose can cause wild animals to flee and compromise the nesting of ground-breeding birds.

The mayors of the municipalities may also enact specific measures to prohibit the roaming of accompanying pets. Please refer to the decrees issued at the level of the municipalities to find out about these regulations.


In protected natural areas

The regulations concerning the presence of dogs in the various protected natural areas of the Park varies according to the site. See the regulations specific to each site HERE.

The regulations can also be found on the welcome panels of each site.

Please note that the presence of dogs, even kept on a leash, is prohibited in certain protected natural areas.