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We can all play a part when it comes to maintaining peace and quiet for wildlife: whether you are a walker, an athlete, a naturalist, a hunter or a forest manager, whether you work individually or with an organisation or collective.

All the organisations and people who have committed to protecting a peaceful environment for wildlife are featured here.


Professional Enduro Mountain Bike Driver

I’m an instructor and guide in the Hautes-Vosges, but first and foremost I'm a keen mountain biker and passionate about the natural environment here in the Vosges. I want to be able to enjoy my sport for as long as possible so for me, signing up to the Quiétude Attitude programme and riding in a “Wildly responsible” way is vital!

Jean-François BOMBENGER

Organizer of the Munster Trail and sports coach

I fully support the Quiétude Attitude programme to highlight the fact that we need to explore our natural environment not as conquerors, but with an approach that respects wildlife.

Laurent CAHON

Mountain guide and mountain bike instructor

I’ve worked in the mountains since 1997 and have always been a great defender of vulnerable animals, especially in winter. Being an ambassador for Quiétude Attitude fits in well with my role as an advocate for the protection our common good: nature and biodiversity.


Mountain guide and Nordic ski instructor

Hiking naturally means preserving my environment. As part of my commitment to the Quiétude Attitude, I take out small groups, in the daytime only, and respecting the quiet areas.


French Champion of Trail

I first became passionate about outdoor sports, especially trail running, almost eight years ago. I try to pay Mother Nature back for all the treasures she bestows on us every day. That’s why I support the Quiétude Attitude programme, which helps preserve our beautiful natural park.

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